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  • The thing Harry Potter will miss most.

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  • My favourite part.

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  • Thank you x

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    Brooklyn Gang by Bruce Davidson, 1959 (via)

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    Do you love art? Do you love GIFs? You must see turst67’s (juliendouvier on Tumblr) animated photography!

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    This is how we give Praise to a Witch who is really Nailing an Outfitte.

    I have a mighty need to expand the knowledge that this gif is from the ballet Giselle, and these are spirits of women who died from broken hearts called wilis - in the ballet, men who get lost in the forest at night are trapped by the wilis and danced to death for doing wrong to women. It’s all quite badass. (with Myrtha, Queen of the Willis in the middle - she’s one cold hearted bitch and I love her.)

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